OTC Herbal Medicine

OTC Herbal Medicine

Our OTC herbal drugs are available in pharmacy and herbal shops near you.
Non OTC Herbal Medicine

Non OTC Herbal Medicine

Our non-OTC herbal medicines are available at health centres, clinics and hospitals only.
Health Drink

Health Drink

Daprof Health drink is a blend of potent herbs without chemical preservatives. Its available in beverage shops.
Daprof Publication

Daprof Publication

Daprof publications for personal and family health can be obtained by order or at our health centre.


Know what is happening to your body with the help of a computerized machine - It can detect any problem in all organs from head to toe - Receive medical, nutritional and herbal advice.

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Our Story

DAPROF represents our brand for series of herbal products researched and developed by us, as herbal medicines, from naturally occurring herbs. They have been carefully development to meet the needs of health care centres, clinics and hospitals in the treatment and management of chronic illnesses.
Over the years DAPROF products have been successfully used by herbalists, medical doctors, alternative medicine practitioneers and individuals, to treat many illnesses, including, typhoid fever, Hepatitis B/C viral infection, stroke, low sperm count, HIV AIDS, asthma, piles, high blood cholesterols, blood pressure, malaria, poor memory, stomach ulcer, women infertility, fibroid, candidiasis, nasal congestion, and many others.
More about Us...

Daprof Brand

Presenting the brain behind DAPROF brand is Dr. Dennis Dwomoh (Phd, NMD, MSCN, RN), a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a clinical nutritionist, Food Scientist, Clinical Pharmacognist and Biochemist.

His hard work behind DAPROF brand for over twelve years in active practice, has brought smiles to many sick persons and also total health restoration to many who have otherwise lost hope in life. He continues to research and develop more convinient naturally formulated health restoration herbal medicine for everyone.

Where to get Daprof products:


  • God is Great Herbal (Darkuman)
  • 18th Lane Restaurant (Osu)
  • Mount Zion Pharmacy (Ho)
  • Alberti-Psalm Herbal Shop (Ho)
  • J.K. Frempong Ent (Okaishie Drug-Lane)
  • Healing Plant Herbal (Madina,Zongo Jn)
  • GAFAT Pharmacy (Newtown)


  • Hochiez Pharmacy (Okaishie)
  • Rich-Joe Pharmacy (Okaishie)
  • Hallows Herbal (Okaishie)
  • Richard Herbal (Okaishie)
  • Osu Relish (Osu)
  • Give Thanks Herbal (Ashiaman)
  • Richben Pharmacy (near 37 Mil Hosp.)
  • A. A. Mensah Pharmacy (Takoradi)

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P. O. Box CT 9494,
Cantoments, Accra

Ghana, West Africa

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